Personal Requests & Recreation Requests

Personal Requests

We would be delighted!!

  • If you have a deadline or are ordering for a special occasion please include the date when contacting us.

  • **PLEASE NOTE: Oil paintings usually require 6-12 months to completely dry safe enough for shipment. Sometimes the wait is shorter or longer depending on the painting. Keep this  in mind when ordering.**

  • Lettering and dates can be included in the painting.

  • Partial, non-refundable payment (50% of total) will be required at the beginning of project with remaining balance due upon finishing of project before shipment.

  • Pictures will be sent throughout the process for approval.

Recreation Requests

No problem at all!

In addition to the list on the left:

  • When ordering a recreation keep in mind that no two paintings are the same. There will be some change in detail to keep the artwork unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • If ordering recreations of handmade magnets, painted canvas magnets, or the stretched minis: sizes, colors, and patterns will vary. 

  • **AGAIN: Oil paintings may require 6-12 months to dry safe enough for shipment. Sometimes the wait is shorter, but keep this in mind for deadlines!**

Please keep in mind, all the work we do is either hand-painted or handmade so there will be little bits of character in every piece. To find out estimated time and pricing for your piece, or for any other questions just head over to our contact page and give us a shout.


We'll be happy to hear from you!

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