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Downhome Fire

Tune in & check out the new single "Feeling Almost Human"! A collaboration inspired by a popular TV show on a popular network that's setting is based in a world of the west! If you like what you hear take a minute to check out their latest album Kin'lin'. If you'd like to help support the band you can purchase their newest single, their whole album for download or individual songs from the album for round-the-clock rockin'! Don't forget to check out the merch & artwork below! All funds will go towards producing more music, merch, and vinyls. Thanks for your support!

Keep up with the Fire by following/subscribing to their social media links below! You can also find them on

Facebook: @downhomefire


Downhome Merchandise

Downhome Gallery

"Downhome Fire"

"Downhome Fire" by Ash. L. Oil/Acrylic original 30"x40" stretched, primed canvas

"Many A Night"

"Many A Night" by Ash. L. Oil original 18"x 24" stretched, primed canvas

DF Mini

DF Mini originals by Ash. L. Stretched, primed mini canvas on mini black easel The one pictured is in oil but you can request oil or acrylic. *DF Minis are available upon request, however, the one pictured is sold.*

DF Canvas Magnet

DF Canvas Magnets by Ash. L. & Asher Acrylic originals 2.5"x 2.5"-3"x 3" flat canvas magnets DF Magnets are available upon request

DF T-Shirt

DF T-shirt design created by Ash. L. T-shirts are available through the Downhome Fire Bandcamp page

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