Mystery Bags!

We have 4 different tiers full of mysterious goodies for you to choose from. 

All mystery bags will include a surprise assortment of our art goodies such as:

  • Large or small prints 
  • Stickers
  • Printed magnets
  • Asher magnets
  • Bottle cap pendants
  • Bottle cap keychain or necklace

And for our 2 largest mystery bags (bag 3 & 4) we will include a small ORIGINAL ART piece*!

*All original art pieces will still be a mystery and are scanned/photographed for prints before being mailed out.


Mystery Bag 3 ($50):

  • Mini original Ashes' art piece up to 4"x6" (Could be a mini painted magnet, mini drawing, mini painting on easel, etc.)


Mystery Bag 4 ($100):

  • Original Ashes' art piece up to 8"x10" (Could be a small canvas painting, a drawing, etc.) 

Mystery Bag